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Presented are articles, booklets and BUDDHISM TODAY on-line magazine about Buddhism, meditation, social concerns, education, dharmology, Buddhist psychology and comparative religion. Enjoy!


TENSIONS IN AMERICAN BUDDHISM by Religions & Ethic Newsweekly explores the growing tensions between Asian traditions and the emerging American Buddhist identity.

ONE MILLION Dalits to convert to Buddhism on Oct. 14. Taken from The Times of India e-article the World Tibet Network News explores this historical event and its attraction to millions of low-caste Indians. Included are other very interesting articles.


IS SHIN BUDDHISM THE SAME AS CHRISTIANITY? by Rev. Philipp Karl Eidmann. This article discusses the similiarities and wide differences between these two traditions.

A MILLION LOW-CASTE HINDUS CONVERT TO BUDDHISM: This article by the Irish Times decribes this November 2001 event as "the largest mass conversion in history." A great read!

The Pure Land in the West for This World: An Examination of Honen's Methods of Teaching by Rev. Yoshiharu Tomatsu. This article considers themes from the Lotus Sutra and Pure Land scripture to explore the meaning of the Pure Land for this modern world.

BUDDHIST EVANGELISM INTO THE 21ST CENTURY by Pst. Gerald Chen Hsiongcai. Asian Buddhism had experienced a steep decline in Asia in the 20th century. Can this trend be reverse? What can we Buddhists do to save this situation ?

FACETS OF METTA (UNIVERSAL LOVE): Sharon Salzberg discusses the Buddhist notion and experience of Spiritual Love.

METTA, THE ART OF LOVE: The practice of loving-kindness is a specific meditation practice that can be used both to develop concentration and to develop the quality of kindness. Written by Jack Kornfield.

EMOTIONS - WORKING WITH ANGER:This essay deals with how to work with one's anger through meditation and Buddhist paradigms. Written by Michelle McDonald


PURELAND JOURNAL: A Chronicle of American True Pureland Buddhism. This e-magaizine offers a wide array of article by leading Pure Land ministers.

BUDDHISM IN AMERICA by David Van Beima. This Time Magazine article explores how an ancient religion grows ever stronger roots in a America, with the help of the movies, pop culture and the politics of repressed Tibet

WHY BUDDHISM, WHY NOW? AND WHY IN AMERICA By Jan Nattlier. What fuels this attraction to the Buddhist faith? How are we to account for the fact that millions of Americans who were not raised as Buddhists are now drawn to The religion of love and enlightenment.

SHARING OUR FAITH WITH THE WORLD by Dr. Alfred Bloom. The e-article explores the issue of sharing the dharma with all, Shinran's vision, style and approach to mission work. A great read!

BUDDHISTS CAUGHT UP IN KASHMIR WAR: Islamic militants are targeting Buddhists because they helped India repulse an Islamic attack on Kargil in 1999. "Since the Bamiyan Buddhas were destroyed, the Ladakhis feel more insecure than ever."


BUDDHISM TODAY: This on-line magazine provides a multitude of excellent articles dealing with human rights, ethics, environmental and political issues, economics, meditation, management, holy places, science, poetry and Buddhist teachings.

THE FOUNDATION OF SHINRAN'S FAITH: THE TANNISHO This informative and inspiring interpretation of the Pure Land Classic, "Tannisho," by Dr. Alfred Bloom analyzes the liberating path of Buddhist faith and its universality, transcendence and deep compassion. Religious faith in an age of pluralism and suspicion is also discussed. It's a must to read!

THE ULTIMACY OF JODO SHINSHU: SHINRAN'S RESPONSE TO TENDAI This e-article gives an intellectual and dharmalogical account on how Shinran challenged the religious institutions of his time and its relevance to modern thought.

VIOLENCE AND DISRUPTION IN SOCIETY: This 33pp. essay explores the roots of violence in modern society and in the Buddha's day, and how the teachings in the early Buddhist texts can be applied to violence today.Written by Elizabeth Harris.

RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION IN U.S. STATE CONSTITUTIONS by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. Believe it or not some U.S. states whose constitutions include the oath of office, require political candidates to swear an oath only to the Judeo-christian God.

CALL FOR A NEW BUDDHISM by Christopher Calder. The author claims that what we call Buddhism today is an amalgamation of the true teachings of Siddhartha combined with invented myths and large amounts of culture derived from the country in which the Buddhism is practiced. He calls for a new Western form of Buddhayana.

SHIN SUTRAS TO LIVE BY: An e-booklet of the three primary sutras that guide, inspire, and are a source of spiritual strength and courage for Shin Buddhists everywhere. This e-booklet was edited by Ruth Tabrah and Shoji Matsumoto.

IS THERE A GOD? A BUDDHIST ANSWER by Rev Taitetsu Unno. Yes, but a proper Buddhist answer requires some clarification.

SHINJIN: THE CENTER OF EXPERIENCE: This article describes this dual nature with the term "true- entrusting", SHINJIN. Written by Jerry Bolick

BEING PEACE: BY Thich Nhat Hanh. This e-article presents a concise outline of Zen meditation techiques.

BEYOND BELIEF: A BUDDHIST CRITIQUE OF CHRISTIANITY by A. L. de Silva. This is an interesting mini e-book that respectfully and honestly contrasts these two world faiths. Its goal is to awaken in Buddhists a deeper appreciation for their own religion.

THE LIFE OF ENDOWED TRUST This e-sermon written by Dr. Alfred Bloom considers the idea and experience of faith in the Buddhist context.

MINISTERING TO THE SICK AND ILL: Here Lily de Silva conducts an exploration of the Buddha's teachings on illness and death, drawn from the Pali Canon.

CURBING ANGER, SPREADING LOVE by Ven. Bhikkhu Visudhacara describes a new vision regarding the proper aims of education in which Buddhist values are used to fulfill the higher end of learning, the illumination of the mind with the light of truth and goodness. This is a great article for educators.

"From the beginningless beginning
Of time itself,
Dharma - the true reality of Oneness,
Has constantly been evolving,
In its infinite way."

Sanbutsuge, Song of Praise I:I