Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut
Our Philosophy


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The BFF sangha (congregation)is dedicated to the teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha, Shinran Shonin and other Buddhist teachers of yesterday and today.

We consider the Buddhayana (Buddhism) as a way of life rather than a creed or dogma. It rests in the conviction that by studying, listening and practicing the dharma, and by entrusting in Great Compassion, symbolized as Amida Buddha, we may realize our true spiritual liberation for the sake of all beings.


Our Dharma- services draw from the whole of the Buddhayana, such as, from the Theravadan, Mahayana, Zen, Tibetan and Pure land traditions. This is following the philosophy of the Hai An Pagoda and Order that affirms the equality of all existing Buddhist schools: "All add the same flavor: Spiritual Liberation". As a result, we find inspiration in all Buddhist scriptures and hold none above the other since the Dharma can only be experienced in our hearts and not in the letter.

"Plant roots of virtue, be kind, give generously, abstain from breaking the Precepts, be patient and diligent, teach people with sincerity and
wisdom, do virtuous deeds and practice good."

Larger Sutra: Chap. 40