Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut
Our Mission


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Our mission is to live in mindfulness and entrust, with our hearts and minds, in Great Compassion, symbolized as Amida Buddha, and to share the Pure Land dharma with all.


By relying on the Primal Vow of Great Compassion, we strive to help others realize their human potential and Enlightenment and we open our hearts and minds to the Dharma, which guides us throughout the day, in our relationships, work and play.

The Primal Vow is the grace that empowers us to proceed in the journey of life with strength and joy, by living in gratitude for her compassion, sharing the Pure Land dharma with all, and working towards the welfare of society. Our motto is "Believe in the Pure Land teachings and teach others to believe."

"Walk, throughout the land for the blessing of the people, for happiness of the people, and out of compassion for the world. Let not two of you go by one way."

Vinaya, Mahavagga: I.II.I