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Mission and Guiding Principles
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Mission Statement


The mission of the Buddhist Faith Fellowship’s Social Action Project is to promote direct and practical efforts to alleviate suffering in our society and planet by the following eight modes of action:


Inspiring others to get involved and make difference


Teaching about the issues and solutions that affect human, plant and animal life


Empowering individuals and communities to achieve the necessary change


Designing solutions to social and environmental issues


Taking action to bring about healing and interconnectedness


Assisting holistic community social service projects


Behaving in accordance with Buddhist ethics and teachings


Extending love and compassion to others in need



Our Guiding Principles


The Social Action Project honors the Six Principles of Harmony, taught by the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni over 2, 500 years ago in Northern India. These Six Principles are our organization’s guiding values. The Project diligently seeks to maintain a harmonious, friendly, and open-minded atmosphere.  The Six Principles of Harmony are:


1.  Sharing similar viewpoints and aspirations

2.  Practicing the same ethical precepts

3.  Living and practicing peacefully together

4.  Abstaining from quarrelling and bickering

5.  Experiencing the inner peace and joy that results from community practice

6.  Sharing our benefits so as to be a blessing to each other and to the world


Buddhist Social Action Project
Team Coordinators of Buddhist Social Action Project

How are we organized?


We seek an organization that is an organically open rather than a closed mechanical system. That is, we do not have any formal hierarchy and see each other as equals, sharing together the challenges in fulfilling our mission to alleviate the suffering of others. 


We organize into teams that are temporary organizational units determined to solve a particular issue or event. Team Coodinators may be selected by the BFF of Ct or voted on by SAP volunteers. Sometimes, team leaders are simply those who volunteer for the opportunity to serve. Once the issue or event is solved or completed then team members reconstitute into new active teams of social action in order to continue the SAP mission.


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