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If you are interested in learning more about Shin Buddhism and/or Buddhism in general, we invite you to read through the following web sites.

BUDDHIST FAITH FELLOWSHIP OF CONNECTICUT. This is the flagship community of our independent Shin Buddhist association. It offers one of the mOst comprehensive Shin web sites with its insightful articles on Shin Buddhism and great links. It's worth persuing through.

Click here to enter the BFF of Connecticut web site.


NEMBUTSU.INFO is an online Australian journal of Shin Buddhism. It conveys the great breath and depth, which Shin teaching offers to those who are looking for an accessible spiritual path in the modern world. A must to read!

Click here to enter NEMBUTSU.INFO

SHIN DHARMA NET offers interesting web pages that cover the basics, resource and practice materials and Spanish material and so much more.

Click here to enter SHIN DHARMA NET.

BASIC PURE LAND SCRIPTURES AND COMMENTARIES includes the Larger and Smaller Sutras, On Faith Alone, Lotus Sutra and Buddhist Glossary.

Click here to read the Pure Land Scriptures and more.

THE COLLECTED WORKS OF SHINRAN SHONIN.  This site offers all of the works written by Shinran, the famous 13th century Buddhist reformer and founder of Shin Buddhism.



TRICYCLE MAGAZINE'S BLOG: EVERYTHING BUDDHIST.  This online magazine has free updated and monthly articles about the modern Buddhist world.

Click here to enter Tricycle Magazine.


BUDDHIST SELF-STUDY COURSE: The intention of this course is to enable the reader to explore Shin Buddhism, also known as Jodo Shinshu, historically and in modern context. This course is by Dr. Alfred Bloom, Professor Emeritus - Department of Religion, University of Hawaii. It's free!

Click here to enter the free BUDDHIST SELF-STUDY COURSE.

TAMING THE MONKEY MIND by Chang Wei-An. This e-book covers traditional Pure Land basics stressing 48 Nembutsu (recitation) practices for daily life.

Click here to enter TAMING THE MONKEY MIND

THE WRITINGS OF G.R. LEWIS.  This web site contains some of the writings of the BFF founder and current President, G.R. Lewis. These web pages offer an insightful and deeply personal exploration into the heart of the Shin Buddhist path.

Click here to enter The Writings of G.R. Lewis