Refugee Thangka Painting Camp

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Refugee Thangka Painting Camp
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While Linda Clark, our BFF Practice Leader, was visiting Nepal for one month in 2006, she came across the Refuge Camp Thangka Painting School. She was very impressed with their artistic skills and charity work to local needy children and as a result, bought some thangkas (Tibetan religious art work) to bring back home to the USA.

Refugee Camp Thangka Painting School

Right Livelihood


Buddhist Practice Group of Farmington (BPF) encourages you to look at their beautiful art work and if you wish purchase one. BPF does not receive any proceeds from the sale of these thangkas or other products. Furthermore, we do not endorse any purchase but we wish to expose this wonderful concept of Right Livelihood and according to Linda, all proceeds go for a wholesome purpose: a free education to local disadvantaged and homeless Tibetan and Nepalese children.


What is the Refuge Camp Thangka Painting School?


Refuge Camp Thangka Painting School (RCTPS) in Nepal was established in 2004 to provide thangka painting training and also help support in educating unprivileged and marginalized community children through Alpine Child Care Foundation. Click here to enter the RCTSP's web site.



Farmington Buddhists: Tibetan children

Benefiting Disadvantaged Children


RCTPS is a thangka painting school. It offers free training opportunities to help out, socially and economically disadvantaged girls, boys, women and men. They provide direct employment to 6 people from various districts of Nepal. It further aims to support teenaged orphan girls to establish themselves in the society once they leave secure life of orphanage. In order to create employment opportunities for orphans and other needy and interested girls, RCTPS has established a production center in Bhaktapur in October, 2004. Currently, the production centre employs a number of underprivileged girls. These girls produce a variety of hand made educational and gift item that are sold under the mission of "Aid through Trade".

Namu Amida Butsu!