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We are now integrated
with the nearby
Southington Buddhist Fellowship



We are no longer meeting in Farmington. Please, click on the Southington Buddhist Fellowship's link below for our new directions and information.


Southington Buddhist Fellowship

Farmington Buddhists
A typical meeting

Our Buddhist Practice Group (BPG) of Farmington used to serve Avon, Burlington, Simsbury, West Hartford, Plainville and New Hartford areas. We were an affiliated community of the Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut and founded in the year 2005.

A PLACE FOR FELLOWSHIP  We offer a caring, spiritual and open environment that naturally creates healthy relationships between the members of our spiritual family. With our regular gatherings, practice groups, social events, etc. there is a place for you too.


A PLACE FOR LEARNING We are engaged in the study of the whole of Buddhism but place more focus on Shin Buddhism, which is designed for ordinary working people with busy schedules.


A PLACE FOR PRACTICE Every gathering is an occasion for spiritual refreshment full of blessings and inspiration. Our primary reason for meeting together is to practice the dharma, and to awaken to the Oneness of reality.

Our meetings Include discussion, voice meditation, fellowship and refreshments. Linda and her husband want you to know that they have two very well-behaved dogs & cats (for those who are allergic).

Previous Topics

Our previous meetings included the reading, viewing and discussion of a variety of spiritual topics; for example, 

a.  "Flowering of Conscienciousness" (video) by Eckhart Tolle

b. "Four Noble Truths" written by Chan Master Sheng-yen

c.  "Comfortable with Uncertainty," written by Pema Chodron

d.  "Little Buddha" (movie) starring Keneau Reeves

e.   "The Five Contemplations" (Thich Nhat Hanh)

f.    "The Four Agreements" (Don Miguel Ruiz)

g.   "God and Buddha" (Deepak Chopra & Robert Thurman)

h.    "The Life of Buddha" a documentary

i.     "River of Fire, River of Water" (Dr. Taitetsu Unno)

j.     "What We Believe" (G.R. Lewis)

h.  "True Love" Thich Nhat Hanh

i.   "Tannisho;" a study of essence Shin Buddhism


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Namu Amida Butsu!