Buddhist Liturgical Calendar
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Buddhist Liturgical Calendar
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Below is a quick look into Shin Buddhist religious holidays that the Buddhist Faith Fellowship and the Shin Buddhist Fellowship of West Hartford observe. Other Buddhist schools and sangha's may differ on the dates or have more holidays and festivals.

Shin retreat
BFF Friends practice yoga at our Shin retreat

Jan. 1st       Maitreya Day:

        Mindfulness & Renewal


Jan. 9th       Shinran's Birthday


Feb. 15th     Nirvana Day


Mar. 21st     Vernal Equinox:

          Six Paramitas


Apr. 8th       Buddha's Birthday

                      Flower Festival


Jul.  15th     Obon: All Souls Day


Sep. 23rd     Autumnal Equinox:

                        Six Paramitas


Dec. 8th      Enlightenment Day

                      Traditional date


Dec. 21sd    Enlightenment Day

                       BFF Observance

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"Awaken to the eighteenth Primal Vow of Amida.
Those who solely entrust in the Primal Vow
Will, through the benefit of being
embraced and never forsaken,
All attain the Supreme Englightenement."
--Shinran Shonin