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An Overview
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The Foundation of Practice is True Entrusting (shinjin)

We entrust ourselves to the voiceless call of Life itself, symbolized as Amida Buddha. As a loving response to this trusting faith, we voice the Sacred Name (Nembutsu) of Amida Buddha, the ultimate Oneness of Life. In addition, we pray for the happiness of all beings, meditate to cultivate insight, live mindfully, observe the moral Precepts, and serve our families, friends, society and all beings.

Our devotion is focused on our daily practice within the realm of our ordinary lives. Our spiritual journey takes us to the center of our being so that through the working of Great Compassion we may live more fully and forgivingly from our hearts.

"The Sacred Name (Nembutsu), for its practicers, is not a practice or a good act. Since it is not performed out of one's own designs, it is not a practice. Since it is not good done through one's own calculation, it is not a good act. Because it arises wholly from Other Power and is free of self-power, for the practicer, it is not a practice or a good act."
Tannisho IIX