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The following information is design to help you with your outreach efforts. Below are proven ideas and techniques the Buddhist Fellowship has used to successfully promote itself since 2001.


Why I need to do outreach? Without some outreach efforts your sangha will remain static and overtime shrink and vanish. The idea is just to let the public know that you exist. We are sure there are many people in your area who are looking for exactly what you are providing: a caring, open and safe spiritual environment.  However, unless they can discover that you exist they will never find their spiritual home.




We suggest that you implement to the best of your ability the following steps.


1. Word of Mouth: the best way to conduct outreach is to inform friends, family, etc about your Fellowship. Also, gently encourage your sangha members and friends to spread the word. These days, you will be pleasantly surprised on how many people will be interested in what you have to offer; the interest in Buddhism and Shin Buddhism is growing.


2. BFF flyers: put up your Sangha flyers everywhere. Don’t hesitant! This is the meat and potatoes of outreach. Your sangha will not grow without them.  The more you have them up the more people will go on your site and your sangha meetings. Don’t forget to put them up on a regular basis because they tend to get torn down and/or run out of tear offs.


3. MEETUP>COM: A great place to let potential members know that your Fellowship exist is to participate in We found over and over again that is one of the best places to connect with others interested in Buddhism and looking for a Buddhist group to practice with. Google and join but unlike Myspace it will cost your $45 for 3 months but it is well worth it and can help your organization grow. Go for the 3 month offer instead of the 1 month. It takes time. Starting up and maintaining a Fellowship takes patience.


4. MYSPACE: Place your sangha in MySpace Groups sections. That’s were the people are and you must go where they are. First get a MySpace account USING your Sangha Name; for example:  First Name: Sarnia Buddhist Fellowship, Last Name: Sarnia Buddhist Fellowship. It then takes a week to set up a Group account. Given all that, we found that is a much better place to invest your time and get results. That is not to say that you should not go on MySpace. You should be in all areas were people connect online.

See BFF MySpace Profile as an example


5. Public Announcements: Place Public Announcements via e-mail to local newspapers. Newspapers are always looking for news. Your sangha meeting is good news. Place it in the |”Religion” section; and even better, it’s FREE! Here is an example of the BFF Announcement.


Seminar/Talks Section from February 1 thru July 4, 2007


Buddhist Faith Fellowship: Sundays, 10 a.m. discussion explores: Buddhist Beliefs, Practices and Experiences. Includes sacred chants and sitting meditation. Memorial Chapel, High St., Wesleyan University, Middletown, Ct. (860) 850-2078. visit  free.



6. Buddhist Directories: Place your sangha information, URL, e-mail etc. on local and national Buddhist and spiritual directories. The more directories you are in the more hits will get and also you increase the chances that you’ll get on the top of the first page in a search.


The BFF has placed you all in the directory which is and international one based in Australia. Also, some you are already listed on DharmaWeb and All things Spiritual sites. Please check first before placing your information in a directory.


***Buddha Gaia should also get into Activist and Environment Directories. Buddha Gaia needs to get on more directories in order to expand its activities. Below is a list of great directories to place BG.


Below are a few directories to put your sangha information. Click the links and place your information.  I recommend that you take the time and do this, it will be worth it. I recommend that you list your sangha in ALL or as many of these directories as possible.


Buddhist Directories


Activist and Environmental Groups

For Buddha Gaia

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