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Element VIII: Fellowship

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Element VIII: (Fellowship)


After the sharing of the merit, it is time to relax and have refreshments and enjoy the company of those friends and new friends present during the gathering.  During this segment, it is the custom to practice the Six Principles of Harmony.


The Fellowship’s Guiding Principles


Our Fellowship honors the Six Principles of Harmony, taught by the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni over 2, 500 years ago in Northern India. These Six Principles are our organization’s guiding values. The BFF diligently seeks to maintain a harmonious, friendly, and open-minded atmosphere.  The Six Principles of Harmony are:


1.  Sharing similar viewpoints and aspirations

2.  Practicing the same ethical precepts

3.  Living and practicing peacefully together

4.  Abstaining from quarrelling and bickering

5.  Experiencing the inner peace and joy that results from community practice

6.  Sharing our benefits so as to be a blessing to each other and to the world

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