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Element II: Go For Refuge

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Element II: (Go for Refuge and Affirmation)





(This fundamental practice allows us to entrust ourselves to life’s highest universal values)



Leader:            The Dharma, incomparably profound and minutely subtle,

Is rarely encountered, even in hundreds of thousands of millions of kalpas; We now are able to see it, listen to it, accept and hold it;  May we completely realize its true meaning.


Everyone:         I take refuge in the Buddha May I absorb myself in the living source of understanding, faith and compassion, and awaken to the boundless Pure Land here and now. (bell & bow)


I take refuge in the Dharma. May I be submerged in the depths of the Teachings and Reality-as-it-is, and gain wisdom as deep as the ocean. (bell & bow)


I take refuge in the Sangha. May I live in harmony with all beings, united with the disciples of Buddha, in the spirit of universal oneness and freed from the bondage of selfishness. (bell & bow)




(This fundamental practice is a remembrance of the daily Shin attitude and practice)


Leader:            Let us remember our daily practice.


Everyone:        Entrusting in the Primal Vow of Buddha,

                       Calling out her Sacred Name,

                       I shall pass through the journey of life with strength and joy.


                      Living in the Light of Buddha,

                      Reflecting upon my imperfect self,

                      I shall proceed to live a life of gratitude.


                      Following the Teachings of Buddha,

                      Listening to the wholesome Path,

                      I shall share the Dharma with all.


                      Rejoicing in the compassion of Buddha,

                      Respecting and aiding all sentient beings,

                      I shall work towards the welfare of society and the world. (bell & bow)

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