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Element I: Opening the Dharma

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Element I: (opening of the Dharma)




(To remember the reason for gathering and the Oneness of Reality)



Leader:             We come together today

To train so that we may better practice in our daily lives,

In order to realize our inner potential,

Of wisdom and compassion,

And transform suffering into peace and liberation.           


                        I bow with the awakening of Immeasurable Life and Light.


Everyone:          Namu Amida Butsu. (bell)




(The sound of the bell is regarded as the voice of the Buddha calling us back home to our true nature)





(This ritual emphasizes the light of wisdom shining into our world of delusion)



Leader:           Mindful of the Buddha of Immeasurable Life and Light,

                       I calmly light this candle

                       Brightening the face of the Earth

                       May it kindle the spark of Dharma in all beings. (Light, bow & bell)





(This ritual emphasizes gratitude, aspiration & interdependence)



Leader:           In gratitude and joy,

                      We offer this incense

                      To the living heart of wisdom and compassion,

                      Amida, the Buddha of Immeasurable Life and Light.


Everyone:      May the fragrance of this incense,

                     Bring us together and unite us,

                     And help manifest in our hearts and minds,

                     The fruit of understanding. (Light incense, bell & bow)




To listen to an actual BFF recording of the above, please click the link below.


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