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What We Experience?



The result of our core religious beliefs and the fruit of our practice manifest themselves in the following 10 spiritual experiences. In a nutshell, the Shin Buddhist path gives the practicier a deep sense of peace, compassion, assurance, gratitude and happiness.


1. We experience…true and real openness and communion with the one Life and all beings, through our faith, deep hearing practice and the direct engagement with the living nembutsu.


2. We experience…our self-centeredness or shadow side as an honest and non-judgmental reality of who we really are, but at the same time, we experience the compassionate embrace of Amida that transmutes these burdens into a source of light and eternal life.


3. We experience…joy that is beyond the ups and downs of daily life but originates from our deepest source, which naturally comes forth through our faith and daily practice.


4. We experience…inner peace, intuitively knowing that regardless of the circumstances, we and all beings are embraced by the cosmic compassion and that everything will be ok. Also, this translates into non-violence, the practice of non-harming, as a natural expression of our cultivated sensitivity towards the preciousness and dignity of all life.


5. We experience…a new and invigorating life in every moment, through the nembutsu, in which every moment is a rebirth and a new opportunity to hear the dharma and embody its meaning.


6. We experience…gratitude for the gift of receiving the living nembutsu that awakens us to the Oneness of reality, assuring all spiritual rebirth in the Pure Land. More and more, we experience the blessings and challenges of life with thankfulness for giving us the opportunity to practice the dharma of compassion and love.


7. We experience…humility as the result of a received deep recognition our human finitude within the infinite web of visible and invisible forces that sustains us; thereby endowing us with the awareness that we own nothing except the consequences of our actions.


8. We experience…forgiveness because we are better enabled by the teachings to let go of negative things and heal our minds and hearts; in this manner, we can begin anew everyday.


9. We experience…humor as a natural by-product of our Shin spirituality, in which we are made to recognize and accept our foolish natures, and thus learn to not take ourselves and life too seriously but to enjoy it with contentment and freedom.


10. We experience…the spiritual journey together with our sangha friends, as equals and in love, helping one another to discover spiritual meaning, direction and growth, and vowing to delay our enlightenment until they and all beings are liberated from samsara.

Our Beliefs, Practices and Experiences

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