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Click below to enter our web site called Generosity and Giving for the Future. There you will find charitable cash and non-cash tax deductible gift alternatives  to help the Buddhist Faith Fellowship maintain and amplify the teachings and practice in North America and beyond. 



Giving to American Shin Buddhism

Generosity and Giving for the Future web site includes:



  • Explanation of Dana Paramita.


  • Explanations of Supporting Memberships & Capital Campaign.


  • Donate online for Memberships & Capital Campaign Fund via Paypal.


  • Subscribe to a Membership Program online for monthly automatic withdrawal donations. Memberships is for general operating funds and is separate from the Capital Campaign Fund.


  • Legacy Gift program: putting BFF in your Last Will and Testament will bestow a strong financial future for the Buddha Dharma for the next generation.


  • Non-Cash Gifts: includes real estate, securities and bonds & retirement.


  • Meditation-thon


  • Pasta dinners & Raffles


How does a true person give gifts? Here a true person gives a gift carefully, gives it with his own hand, gives it showing respect, gives a valuable gift, gives it with the view that something will come of it. That is how a true person gives gifts.


                                                                                            -- The Buddha 

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