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The BFF Fellowship also endorses the Tenfold Precepts taught by the historical Buddha in the Vimalakirti Sutra and in other Buddhist scriptures, as an extension of deep hearing practice and as one of the basic foundations for our Buddhist lifestyle.


These Tenfold Precepts are not commandments but guidelines for a healthy lifestyle full of harmony, compassion and love. As a deep hearing practice, these wonderful Precepts are the gates by which we may learn to become truly authentic human beings. The diligent practice of these Precepts eventually arouses a deep awareness of our foolish and self-centered nature, while at the same time we awaken to the compassionate working of the Primal Vow that accepts us regardless of our imperfections and confusion.  As a consequence, we are progressively empowered to avoid creating suffering, fear and despair and bring into being joy, understanding, and peace into our world. By practicing these Precepts, little by little, we evolve into our human potential and become an active instrument for Amida's love within our suffering world.


The Tenfold Precepts are designed to purify the body, speech and mind:


First Precept:             I undertake the training of loving kindness; I abstain from killing

                                    living beings.


Second Precept:        I undertake the training of generosity; I abstain from stealing.


Third Precept:           I undertake the training of simplicity and contentment; I abstain         

                                    from sexual misconduct.


Fourth Precept:         I abstain from false speech; I undertake the training of truthful



Fifth Precept:             I undertake the training of kindly speech; I abstain from harsh speech.


Sixth Precept:            I undertake the training of meaningful speech; I abstain from

                                    frivolous speech.


Seventh Precept:       I undertake the training of harmonious speech; I abstain from

                                    slanderous speech.


Eighth Precept:         I undertake the training of tranquility; I abstain from greed.


Ninth Precept:          I undertake the training of compassion: I abstain from hatred.


Tenth Precept:          I undertake the training of wisdom: I abstain from self-centered views.

Our Beliefs, Practices and Experiences

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